Issue 138
October 23, 2019
“There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.”
Madeline Albright

Art by Gracìa Lam

? You are NOT the office mom ?

We march in the streets to rail against Trump. We angrily tweet when we read articles about backwards policies endorsed by Republicans in Congress. We may even call out the dudez in our life when they’re mansplaining. But what do we do when we see a male colleague asking a broad to do a task that’s beneath their pay grade? How do we address the "softer" and sometimes less obvious misogynistic and oppressive behaviors we see and experience in our workplace? In this week’s memo (and tomorrow’s trainin g!) we’re talking about the office activist, and what we can all do to lift ourselves and our fellow broads up in the workplace!

PS: Tomorrow’s training on workplace activism is from 6:30 to 8:30 PM at The 13th Step (Vice Room, 149 2nd Ave, New York, NY). Bonus: we’ll have an open bar! RSVP

Can you take notes in this meeting? Can you order the office lunch? Can you organize the team morale happy hour? Research shows that managers are more likely to ask broads ( especially  broads of color) to do the “ office housework”  and to volunteer for “non-promotable” tasks (eg, tedious and less visible projects with less reward). Broads are also more often (rightfully) reluctant to say no when asked to do these kinds of tasks out of fear of retaliation or being labeled as “aggressive” or “not a team player.” In fact, one study showed that men accepted requests to volunteer for workplace tasks 51% of the time, whereas womxn accepted 76% of the time. But we can change that!

It’s no surprise that while broads are asked to take on the inglorious tasks, it’s often men who are climbing the ladders to leadership positions. A little hope on the horizon? Keep your sisters close. It's been shown that broads with an inner circle of 1-3 womxn are more likely to land higher paying jobs with more authority. And then there’s the Shine Theory, in which rather than competing, broads band together and jointly fight against workplace (or societal) misogyny by repeating one another's ideas and naming other broads who deserve credit for a job well done.

Want to help combat gender inequity in your office?

—Attend our training tomorrow! Click to RSVP

—Say no to office housework! Learn these tips and tricks so that you have a watertight refusal in place.

—Amplify other broads! When you help another broad rise, we all shine.

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