Issue 170
October 21, 2020
"New Yorkers need to beat Trump — and we also need so much more than that. We need to build a New York that works for working people.”
NY WFP State Director Sochie Nnaemeka

Why we're voting early & on the WFP line ?

Election Day is in 13 days, on November 3. We know a lot of folks are feeling like a vote for Biden coming from NY doesn’t mean much, but we are here to tell ya how your vote can protect progressive power statewide. Before we dive in, some crucial reminders:

Early voting starts on October 24th and runs until November 1st. For broads who ask, that’s how we’re encouraging folks to vote, if they’re able to do so. Why? Because fewer Democrats are projected to vote in person, and it matters that we can show as much people power as possible when the first results are tabulated. Plus, the GOP has made sure that absentee voting in New York is less than ideal. Find your early-vote polling location and grab your mask.

Return your mail ballot now. If you're voting by mail, get that bad boy postmarked by November 3rd (but ideally like, today).

Vote on Election Day. You know the drill. Find your Election Day polling location. Wear a mask. Get a sticker. Be nice to your pollworkers (or sign up to be one!).
Vote WFP! You may have seen us recommend voting on the Working Families Party line in previous memos. Many of our endorsed candidates in this year’s primary were backed by the New York WFP, and we were joined by the WFP at last month’s training. The Working Families Party has helped power some of the most progressive wins for New Yorkers: $15 minimum wage, fracking bans, NY’s first millionaire’s tax, and tenant protections. If you already guessed that they piss off conservatives and billionaires, you’re right. Not only are they leading progressive campaigns across the state, but they also tend to endorse more progressive candidates, even if that means going against the democratic establishment. That’s why Cuomo hates the WFP — so the Gov tripled the number of votes the Working Families Party needs to stay on the ballot.
COVID rocked our city. Billionaires keep getting richer while working people suffer. Cuomo & de Blasio aren't cancelling rent, defunding the NYPD, or funding hospitals. But the WFP is electing real, working people's champions who will put New Yorkers first. At the Broad Room, we talk a lot about the power of grassroots movements. That’s why we love the WFP, and why it’s so critical that we vote for Biden and Harris on the Working Families Party ballot line. Our votes will still count to defeat Donald Trump — but we’re also giving the middle finger to everyone in Albany who thinks they can squash progressive power and sideline working people. Our votes are a signal that yes, we want Joe over Trump, but we’re not stopping here. We want to tax the rich, pass Medicare for All and a Green New Deal, and end racist policing. Need more inspo? Watch the Working Families Party vid.
This election matters for our city, our state, and our country. The time is now to double down and do the work:

Vote for Biden & Harris early and in person (if you can) on the Working Families Party ballot line. Encourage your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, and whoever you can to get out and vote early.

Join a text bankwith the Working Families Party to help get other New Yorkers to #VoteWFP.

It’s not just the White House. We have to take back the Senate. Join a phonebankor text bank to flip the Senate.

—Post on social encouraging friends and fam to vote on the WFP line. Share these graphics to show why you're voting WFP.

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