Issue 162
July 1, 2020
"Money couldn't buy a movement."

The Good, The Bad & The Badass

Drum roll, please. The results are in… well, almost. Last week’s primary results won’t be officially tallied until later this week at the earliest (mail-in and absentee ballots, etc), but we already know 1 thing for sure: this primary was a victory for progressives (that’s us!). This week we’re breaking down the current results of the June 23 primary and talking about what’s next as we ride this wave through November’s general election.
Broad Room-endorsed projected winners:
(tl;dr: our candidates killed it)

District 7: Nydia Velázquez
District 14: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
District 16: Jamaal Bowman

NY State Senate:
District 13: Jessica Ramos
District 18: Julia Salazar
District 34: Alessandra Biaggi

NY State Assembly:
District 34: Jessica González-Rojas
District 43: Diana Richardson
District 65: Yuh-Line Niou

District Leader:
53rd Assembly District: Samy Nemir-Olivares

Too close to call:
(AKA we’re keeping our eyes on the count and are SO excited to celebrate with you all soon!)

NY State Assembly:
District 50: Emily Gallagher
District 57: Phara Souffrant Forrest
District 51: Marcela Mitaynes

District Leader: 50th Assembly District: Kristina Naplatarski
52nd Assembly District: Jesse Pierce

Broad Room-endorsed candidates running unopposed (automatically on the ballot):
District 53: Rachel May
District 84: Amanda Septimo
District 20: Zellnor Myrie
Remember when Cuomo said AOC’s win was a fluke? No surprise—he’s wrong again. If last week’s primary election was a referendum on the progressive movement, then it appears to be alive and well. As coronavirus painfully highlights the shameful inequities in our economy, healthcare, and housing—hitting people of color and working families the hardest—and the demand to end police violence reaches a fever pitch, progressive candidates stood ready to meet the moment. While not all of our faves pulled out a victory this time around—it’s a marathon, not a sprint—we have some huge victories to celebrate.
Keep up the momentum!

1. Volunteer for a campaign. Many NYC Dem candidates are likely to glide to victory in the general election, but there are no guarantees, and progressives must show our strength in Nov. Sign up to volunteer for a candidate in your district. Scan our endorsements for vol forms!
2. Donate to candidates still dealing with ballot counts. Election lawyers for overseeing ballots counts costs BIG $$$. Give today to Kristina, Jesse, Marcela, & Emily.
3. Keep protesting, donating, & supporting the movement for Black lives: Check out this guide on how to prepare to protest, this resource list from BLM, and this list of organizations to donate to.

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