Issue 172
November 18, 2020
"I may be the first, but won’t be the last."
Vice Presiden-Elect Kamala Harris

Out With The Old, In With the New New York

Well, we did it. After an election cycle like none other, Americans turned out in record numbers—during a f****** pandemic—to vote 45 the hell out of office. This was the most consequential election of our lifetimes, and we all deserve a moment to recharge. But guess what: the work doesn't stop. And here at the Broad Room, we’re already looking to 2021.
We’re breathing a collective sigh of relief that the 2020 elections are behind us, but we’re also looking ahead to another big election year in NYC in 2021. The elections are next November, but most of the action will take place during the party primaries next June (just 7 months away!). These primaries are a big deal, b/c pretty much all of city government will be on the ballot. We’ll be electing a new Mayor (buh-bye, de Blasio), Public Advocate, Comptroller, both Brooklyn and Manhattan District Attorneys, all the borough presidents, and 51 City Council members. We'll also see the launch of ranked-choice voting in NYC in the primaries.
2021 is one of those rare NYC election years when so many important positions are up for grabs. And while some incumbents will be seeking reelection, most of our current electeds are term-limited out of office. That means we have the opportunity to bring a ton of fresh young people into politics. This is important not just because it would revitalize our city government with younger, more diverse, more progressive representatives, but also because city council is often a stepping stone for electeds who go on to higher office. In 2021 we can build the next generation of government leaders—launching the careers of New Yorkers who could one day rep us on the state or federal level.
Register to vote, or help register others. We know you’ve heard this one from us before. Register or update your voter information here.

Stay informed. Find out which district you live in, and read up on who’s running for office in your City Council district. A running list of City Council candidates is here.

Don't forget Georgia.Yes, we need to look toward 2021, but we also need to win the Senate. Support the New Georgia Project, a badass grassroots org that's doing the crucial organizing work on the ground in the peach state.

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