Issue 152
March 4, 2020
"Moderate politics is death by a million paper cuts. A million oil spills. A million workers in slavery conditions. A million rationings of overpriced insulin. A million homes foreclosed. A million bankruptcies for hospital trips. There’s actually a whole other world we can have."
Sandy Nurse, Candidate for NYC 37 Council District

Art by H annah Buckman

? On Wednesdays we endorse ?

It's ALL happening: This morning, our group chats and twitter feeds are abuzz with results from last nights returns but today at the Broad Room we're reminding our readers that change starts at the local level. With 2021 on the horizon, we're gearing up for one of the busiest election seasons NYC has seen in a long ass time - and will be rolling out our first member-led endorsement process.

But special candidates and special elections call for special action. 
On April 28th, our friends in Council District 37 (Bushwick, Brownsville, Cypress Hills, East New York and Ocean Hill) will be able to vote for your fave presidential candidate AND your future City Council Member. So we called a special internal election amongst our Organizing Committee (our volunteers who make it all happen) and our Board of Directors. The results were unanimous.

The Broad Room is officially endorsing the incredibly badass, truly progressive, community building activist:   Sandy Nurse !

This week, Sandy herself is taking over for a special edition of the Broad Memo. Take a look and take action!

P.S. Our BIGGEST event of the year, the Broad Social, is in 15 days and you won't want to miss it. Buy your ticket s, before we sell out! 

I’m Sandy Nurse, an Afro-Latina born in Panama and raised by a working single mother. I am a carpenter and an activist, but the core of all I do is community organizing. In 2012, in response to the lack of local composting options and high unemployment rates in my district, I founded BK ROT, New York City’s first bike-powered food waste hauling and composting service run by youth and young adults. I’m also a co-founder and Board member of the Mayday Space, a social justice organizing hub based in Bushwick. 
For nearly a decade, I have been fostering community partnerships to build neighborhood institutions that directly strengthen grassroots movements in Bushwick and East New York. I have dedicated my life to addressing issues through direct interventions; I’ve built farms in food deserts, created jobs in areas with high unemployment, and helped to develop community space where it was scarce. And now, I am running to build a broader coalition, to pull our community together, and fight back against some of the biggest issues we are up against right now; gentrification, not enough truly affordable housing, climate change, and lack of opportunities for youth.  

Here’s how you can help us win! 

-- V olunteer your time!  Join us knocking on doors, making calls, texting, even hosting your own meet and greet with me!

-- If you can’t help in person, please donate. I’m running a people powered campaign so no money from PACs, real estate, or corporations over here.
(If you’re a NYC resident, your donation is matched 8 to frickin’ 1 by the city!! A $20 donation means $180 for our campaign.)

-- Spread the word! Follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: @NurseforNYC

-- Vote! If you or your friends are residents of CD37, go vote on April 28th!

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