Issue 173
December 2, 2020
The red wave turned out to be really more of a red mirage.
Andrea Stewart-Cousins, NY State Senate Majority Leader

NY finally has a veto-proof supermajority ?

Putting aside the fact that it’s December and New York State still hasn’t finished counting ballots, there is good news to share for a change. In 2018, Democrats took back the NY State Senate after a lifetime of Republican control. And this year, we gained an additional 3 seats (so far -- they’re still counting!) for a resounding Democratic Supermajority! In today’s memo we’re breaking down what a Supermajority means for us.
Super Major: After Election Night — with only in-person ballots counted — it was looking good for Republican candidates statewide, and all the talking heads were blabbering about how the radical left caused Dems to lose seats. Fast forward to today, after the state has FINALLY counted (most of) the mail-in ballots. The 63-member chamber of the NYS Senate will now have 43 Democratic members, and three more races have yet to be called. 42 votes are needed to override a veto from the governor — and for the first time ever, that is a reality. Can you hear Cuomo crying in the background? With the Assembly also in Democratic control, the power of the two legislative houses combined brings hope of big structural change!
True Blue: The New York State legislature is now one the bluest in the country — and we’re ready for a sweep of progressive and much needed changes that have long been blocked. We’re talking about raising taxes on the wealthy, universal moratorium on evictions, and legalization of recreational marijuana, to name a few. And with a Democratic supermajority in both the State Senate and Assembly, the Governor is now weaker at the negotiating table. Among the most important wins is a once in a decade opportunity to redraw all State and Congressional district lines — putting an end to the Republican gerrymandering that had kept the GOP in control of the State Senate for so long.
This is a clear example of the power of our vote and the importance of local elections. With that in mind, we've got a little over a month to win two Senate seats in the Peach State and finally turn the U.S. Senate blue. Let's rock Georgia!

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