Issue 151
February 26, 2020
“It’s amazing how many times I sit in a room of all men, and the tone-deafness and the stupid shit they say—it makes me want to pull my hair out.” 
A female Republican campaign consultant

Art by Amelia Giller

? Campaigns are boys clubs ?

It's 2020 and even with political campaigns popping up left and right, there are not enough womxn running them. In this week’s memo, we’re talking about why we need more Broads in leadership positions on campaigns, what to expect at our next training, and how you can become a superstar campaign staffer with a little help from The Broad Room. 

Womxn are being left out of yet another place in politics? Yep. From campaign managers to digital strategists to consultants, white men hold the bulk of top jobs on campaigns. In 2018, $5 billion was spent on House and Senate races alone and most of it landed in the pockets of men. In the super insular world of elections, the same “proven” consultants get hired every time, leaving little room for womxn to ascend the ranks, especially if they don't work for these “major” (largely white and expensive) political consulting firms. This creates a culture in which risk-averse candidates are unwilling to take chances on newcomers, and those often womxn-identifying newcomers never get the chance to prove themselves. 

Shatter all the glass ceilings. We know we need more Broads elected to office, but just as important are the people behind and beside them making key decisions. More often than not, the top staff of a campaign become the senior leaders of a winning administration. When a man gets hired to run a campaign, you better believe the staff he brings in are more white men who are already part of their networks. The best way to ensure that we as womxn are represented in our government is to be involved in the election process at every level. We must train and support the next generation of campaign management.

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