Issue 158
May 21, 2020
“This crisis is not really creating new problems. It’s pouring gasoline on our existing ones.”
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Art by Tanya Brodsky

? 10 Ways to Take Action ?

The death rate in New York City due to COVID-19 is slowing, but that doesn’t mean the virus is leaving anytime soon. We’re all struggling to come to terms with a new way of living in the world, not to mention yet another market crash. Our hearts are with all of our broads and Broad Memo readers who are facing loss and uncertainty. ❤️

We New Yorkers are being forced to sustain ourselves and each other as more and more news breaks of incompetent leadership, so we’re keeping this memo short, with a quick list of small ways you can keep taking action (and taking care of yourself). Broads know why this point in our history matters, and the injustices it’s exposing, but here’s a reminder: Black and Latinx New Yorkers are dying at twice the rate of white New Yorkers. Our struggle won’t end when the virus does—we have to keep fighting: to combat systemic inequalities, to elect candidates who come from our communities and understand our values, and to lift each other up.
  1. Elections matter, and they’re *still happening* on June 23rd. Candidates need your help more than ever, and the good news is that everything is online! Join a phone bank or text bank hosted by the Working Families Party.
  2. Wear ? a ? f*cking ? mask ? If you go outside for a walk or to run an errand. Think you’re safe because you’ve had coronavirus? Even if you can’t get it, you can still spread it from yourself or one object to another.
  3. Think you might have had COVID-19? Get tested for antibodies. The more data, the better.
  4. If your job is safe and you’re financially able, consider setting up some recurring donations—remember every $ counts. Here are some places to start: National Domestic Workers Alliance, the Committee Against Anti-Asian Violence, your favorite NYC restaurant, Food Bank for NYC, the COVID Relief for Sex Workers in New York, a down ballot candidate you’re rooting for.
  5. Join your local mutual aid fund! Every mutual aid has a different structure, but you can support financially and there are IRL and online volunteer options. Plus, look out for an invite to our June training about mutual aid.
  6. Millions of New Yorkers are struggling to keep a roof over their head. Think it’s time to #CancelRent? Get tools and support to help organize.
  7. Last week, a Black woman was tackled to the ground and arrested over a face mask. If you feel safe, bear witness to the treatment of your neighbors and community by the police. The NYPD can no longer arrest people for not wearing masks.
  8. Donate plasma or blood if you’re able! It’s an easy, free way to make a serious difference. Get more info from the NY Blood Center.
  9. Fill out the Census! The Census determines how billions of dollars are distributed for vital services, including for healthcare. It also determines how many representatives we NYers get in Congress!
  10. Take care of yourself! Bake yourself something yummy, take a walk (with a mask), give yourself a facial, sign up for a free therapy session, cook a huge dinner, watch TV for hours. Whatever it is or isn’t, don’t feel guilty for “not doing enough.” We see you, and you’re doing your best.

The Broads

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