Issue 134
September 25, 2019
“Binaries definitely keep us from progressing. Imagine if we didn't have political parties and just had people who worked together to improve the lives of everyone.”
Indya Moore

? Cuomo’s up to his old shit (again) ?

Ugh, here we are again fighting to keep fusion voting alive. A refresher: fusion voting allows candidates to run for office as the nominee of more than one party, and gives voters the chance to support a smaller party’s agenda (i.e., the Working Families Party) without “throwing away” their vote. We covered the last scare in February, and now fusion is once again under attack thanks to Cuomo’s Public Financing Commission. This week, we’re breaking down the latest battle.

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The state recently created a Public Financing Commission to provide funding for NY’s legislative and statewide offices—the goal being to help working-class candidates run for office and reduce the influence of big money in elections. So what’s the problem? In the latest Cuomo plot twist, the Gov slipped vague language into the budget bill giving the commission power to ban fusion voting. Why? Cuomo's pissed that the Working Families Party flipped the State Senate blue last year—unseating his GOP allies—so now he’s trying to weaken the WFP by getting rid of the method that helped them get elected. (BTW, fusion is a NY State constitutional right—so the Gov is literally trying to take away our basic rights.)
Fusion voting is a simple, effective way for a voter to support a smaller party’s agenda without “throwing away” their vote on someone who can’t beat a major party candidate, or without “spoiling” (e.g., you support the Green Party and end up helping elect a Republican). Parties like the WFP are pushing far more progressive agendas and putting pressure on the Dem party to get with the times. And it was with the help of fusion voting that NYers elected our most progressive Democratic State Senate since the New Deal, enabling us to oust the IDC. Cuomo knows that if he can end fusion, he can weaken the WFP and lessen the power of progressives in New York. SMH.
How can we help protect our right to fusion voting?

Show up at a hearing! The commission scheduled hearings mid-day, mid-week—but if you can take time off and swing by, come testify in favor of fusion voting. (Check out this 19-year-old badass who testified last week!) Next up: Long Island on Oct 22 and Buffalo on Oct 29.

Contact the Commission Members!Tell them you support fusion voting.

Watch, learn, & grow outraged! See the Governor finally admit his plan to end fusion last week.

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