Issue 136
October 9, 2019
“The Broad Room is educating the city’s young feminists.”
Senti Sojwal

? Drum roll please... ?

Notice something different about this memo? That’s right, The Broad Room got a facelift. Even more exciting, we’re taking a critical next step toward building our activist army. In less than 3 years, a small, cramped van on its way to the Women’s March turned into a living, breathing, growing space for those who want to fight back against not only the Trump administration but the forces it has emboldened. And we’ve got some huge news: We’re rolling out a brand new way to join our team, build your activist toolkit, and keep on fighting together. Allow us to introduce The Broad Collective.
The Broad Room isn’t a physical location—it’s a nod toward our goal: to build spaces where Broads feel empowered to speak up, teach one another, and take action. Who is a Broad, you ask? A Broad is a womxn and/or gender non-binary individual who takes sustained action, organizing for causes and candidates that they believe in. When you join The Broad Collective, you become an engaged member of The Broad Room. You’ll receive consistent, quality opportunities to learn and incorporate activism into your daily life, along with some cute AF Broad Room merch and free access to Broad-filled networking events. As a dues-paying member, you help us keep our trainings free and this Collective growing strong!
The Facts: In 13 months, we’ll head to the polls to vote for our next president, and in 25 months, NYers will have a chance to elect new reps to Almost. Every. Local. Office. (We’re counting 35 open Council seats—Mayor, Comptroller, Borough Prez, you name it!) The time to organize and mobilize is NOW! Being a Broad is about showing up—not just to events and happy hours, but to/at/for the issues and people who matter. From the voting booth, to protests, to canvassing for local candidates or speaking up in moments where others are silent, it's not a one-time thing. Issa lifestyle. Join us.
—Become a member of the Broad Collective! If you identify as a Broad, sign-up today to join us.

Be an ally! You can still help us build our army and keep our trainings free of charge. Donate to The Broad Room to support young Broads looking to organize and take action.

Attend our free all-Broad monthly trainings! RSVP to the next one here.

The Broads

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